Fasting Day 2

Fasting Day 3

Another bad night. Struggled to get to sleep and woke around 2am and really struggled to get back to sleep. Woke again some time later in the night, but didn't check the time and again struggled to go back to sleep. Woke with another stress headache.

Overall though, I am feeling fine on the fast. I haven't really felt hungry. I mean, I can look at food and think it looks very nice, but it's not a challenge to avoid it. That's actually been quite a surprise, I really thought I'd struggled more in the first few days. I have also read that day 3/4/5 can be quite bad for hunger and fatigue, but I haven't experienced any of that so far. 

The only thing I'm a bit cross with myself about, is that I didn't bring my scales with me, so I haven't been able to check on a daily basis to see the impact of the fast. But it's not the worst thing in the world to have to wait until Sunday morning. Obviously I'm hoping that there will be a significant shift. I will be disappointed if it's not, as by then I'll be into my 6th day of fasting. I'm secretly hoping for approx. 10lb down, so 9st 8lb on the we'll see. 

I also had a bit of a worry today about the amount of water I am vs. should be drinking each day. Online info seems to suggest about 2.5 litres and I suspect Day 1 and 2, I drank more than that. I don't feel I'm overdoing it at all. But I don't want to over drink and have issues with lack of electrolytes and minerals. 

Here's my drinking plan for the day:

  • Breakfast - 500ml water with apple cider vinegar; 300ml coffee
  • Mid morning - 300ml water
  • Lunch - 500ml water; 300ml marmite broth
  • Dinner - 300ml water; 300ml green tea

This is a total of approx 2.6lts

I did experience a little bit of heart palpitations when I lie folks baking cookies in the house did make my mouth water a bit...but still no challenge to avoid. Oh and a couple of other observations - my face looks a little less puffy and without make up or anything, my complexion is looks healthy and freckled. Plus my rings are swinging around on my fingers, so they must be less puffy. I don't feel that much has happened weight-wise tummy doesn't seem to have started to shrink at all. But it's early days. 

Another good day, with no real symptoms or challenges. Roll on day 4!

End of Day 3 @ 12am = 73 hours of fasting


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