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Fasting Day 2

Feeling okay this morning. My stomach is a little rumbly, but we'll see if that continues. Around 11am, I got a tiny bit of heartburn. The apple cider vinegar is supposed to help with that, but clearly it hasn't completely knocked it on the head. But it actually didn't last long at all. 

I read somewhere that it was a good idea not to look at insta photos of food, watch TV where loads of food adverts might appear, etc. etc. Unfortunately I naively thought reading a travel magazine would be a good idea, but forgot about the food porn photos that would be included in some of articles. A beautiful photo of a plate of pasta and truffles made me super hungry. 

Family lunch and a marmite broth and green tea for me. I have to say, sitting down to lunch is a little bit torturous. Everything everyone else was eating looked so good - avocados, flageolet beans, the cheese. But I am feeling okay and not hungry. It's not hard to be strong and focused.

I went for an early evening walk up into the hills to look for blackberries. I was a tiny bit light-headed when I stood here and there and had that feeling of being delicate and brittle. However, I would say that the blackberry picking is a lovely occupation and I thoroughly enjoyed myself. The best part is the distraction and having something to do other than food shopping, prep and eating.  

All in all another day that was okay and not too tricky. 

End of Day 2 @ 12am = 49 hours fasting


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