Fasting - Introduction
Fasting Day 2

Fasting Day 1

Starting weight = 10st 4lbs

I started the fast on 13th at 11pm...that was the last time I had something to eat/drink which had calories. It was a bit of strange transition in terms of mindset. Obviously on Day 1, I was very keen to get going and wasn't hungry. However, I completely managed to forget I was fasting when I was preparing lunch and ate a tiny bit of food. It was a teeny tiny amount and nothing to be upset about...probably no more than about 10-20 calories. But still annoying nonetheless. 

I had water, obviously. But also had a matcha green tea. And thankfully I did really experience any hunger. I think the eating mistake, came more from habit and mindless eating than anything else. I did take all my supplements too. So that's multivitamins, Rise and Kado, and a hair and nail tablet.

First night's sleep was pretty poor. I didn't feel very well in the night and had some kind of rapid eye movement, which left me with a horrible stress headache the following morning. I also didn't manage to get to sleep or sleep for long either. I think my sleep app on the watch said 2am to 6.20am.

So now, I am waiting to see what nasty symptoms crop up on Day 2. All in all, Day 1 went well. 

End of Day 1 @ 12am = 25 hours fasting



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