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Update on 52 Books in 52 Weeks (cont.4)

I thought I'd better do another quick update on my 52 Books challenge. Things are going really well, and I've just got 3 more to go to reach my target for the year. Hopefully I should manage this quite easily. Last year I managed 57 books in total...and a little part of me would like to beat this if possible too.

46. The Dirty Streets of Heaven - Tad Williams

47. The Gospel of Loki - Joanne M Harris

48. The Wolves of London - Mark Morris

49. The Dark Cathedral - Freda Warrington

A long long time ago, I read some of Freda Warrington's vampire books - A Taste of Blood Wine and a Dance in Blood Velvet. I absolutely loved Freda Warrington and I recently discovered a whole load of other books which she'd written. I actually got Dark Cathedral on audiobook, as it's not easy to get hold of as a paperback anymore. I couldn't stop listening...I truly loved it. I've got the next one in the series to read - Pagan Moon. So hopefully that'll be one of my next entries. 


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