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27th Oct 15

The Unfortunate Downsides of Autumnal Walks

Autumn is my absolute favourite season. I love the colours, the chill in the air on a sunny day. My birthday is in the autumn...but I adore Halloween and Bonfire Night and the colourful run up to Christmas. I love the autumnal fashion and I think the colours and layering really suit me and I love getting back into my boots

There's nothing I like better than being outside, and kicking up the leaves, going foraging and generally lapping up as much vitamin D as possible.

The downside and it's really a downside for my poor ticks. I hate them. And despite her being well up to date with treatments, I've found a few over the past couple of weeks. I know the colder weather should mean that you see less ticks...I think because of the different habitats I'm frequenting at the moment, she's clearly picking up more. I think I will need to buy a tick remover, as I'm really not very good at getting them out. The other worry for me is that they could be deer ticks and therefore could spread Lyme's disease. She had one on her head last night and I found a tiny one under her armpit this morning. I will keep a close eye on her and I think I need to talk to the vet about what tick medication options there are, as her current treatment doesn't seem to be working very well. 



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