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Re-instating Photo of the Day

I've been thinking and I want to re-instate my photo of the day which I did a few years ago. There are so many wonderful things that we see and experience everyday and I thought it would be a lovely thing to try to capture. I know I will probably miss some days, particularly early on as this becomes a habit once again...but I think it would be fun to do moving forward.

Update on 52 Books in 52 Weeks (cont. 2)

Lately, I've been doing quite a bit of driving. My job has shifted a little and is changing and the result is that I need to be in the office alot more over the next month or two. This is excellent for listening to the odd audio book. And the hotel stays are great for actual reading. As such, I'm not just up to date...I'm ahead of myself. Hooray!!

This is week 35 and here are my finished reads:

33. The Hand that Feeds You - A J Rich

34. I Let You Go - Clare Macintosh

35. The Crooked House - Christobel Kent

36. Normal - Graeme Cameron

I'm already into book 37, and I'm on my holidays next week too. I'm planning on lots of chilled out reading time.

Oh...and I should mention that the book I Let You Go...another really awesome read. I think that and The Book of You are my two favourites of the year.